Land Survey And Planning Consultants, a.k.a. LSAP Consultants

Our conviction and dedication to our clients make us the solution to your needs. The years of experience behind our staff, knowledge of the market and interest to grow translates into outstanding service and a job well done. Our goal is to build our client base through good old-fashioned hard work. 

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  • When you have resided in the Coachella Valley as long as our staff has you develop a rapport with hundreds of contacts. This is most likely how you came to our site. We hope to make an impression that keeps you coming back.

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About Us

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"I have used many surveyors in the past. After using L.S.A.P. Consultants' services, I can't imagine going anywhere else. Their quality of service is by far the best I have experienced in 20 years. We were treated like family!
-Paul R. (Olive Properties Inc.)
"Five Years in a row, the Winner of best surveying services from 2009. 2010 2011, 2012 & 2013.